Netflix and shill

New, safe, true low market cap gem!

This funny but safe token is launching on Monday 21st June at 6pm UTC.

So far it is promising with an active Telegram Group and devoted admins who are determined to make this token huge.




in the first two hours all sells will be taxed 20%

Netflix and shill

About us

Its name is fun for itself, as we all know about the Netflix and Chill mode, let’s be honest, we all have been there more than we want to admit. But this token is awakening a new perspective: Netflix and Shill! And how witty is that!

Plan is to shill hard (of course!) while Netflix and fill your crypto bags while having fun. The team is creating website, applications for Coin Hunt, Coin Sniper and Fresh Coins, Twitter account and much more. 


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000Supply Burned: 50% 
Standard Fees (Tax/ Burn/ Liquidity): 10%


During the initial launch if you are having trouble buying in then try this:
1.  Increase slippage to the max 49%
2.  Try smaller buys due to the anti-whale mechanic
3.  Same goes for smaller sells

Netflix And Shill


Q2 2021

Organic Community Growth / Web site Launch / Application for Coinsniper, Coinhunt, Freshcoins, Gemfinder, Coinvote / Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Accounts / Marketing on social platforms

Q3 2021

Marketing Campaign / Community Platform / Meet and Greet Summer Party / First Project Deployment

Q4 2021
WIll be announced after Q3!!!
Netflix and Shill


The group behind this token is well organized and experienced team gathered under the new name – Shitcoin Pump Party, created with one and only goal – have fun and make profits along the way sharing the same opportunity with others! Everything this group will from this launch on is to promote new, safe tokens with mind-blowing tokenomics:


Max Buy/Sell is set to 1% and Max Hold is set to 2% of current supply to avoid big whales that can be easily created with fair launchs.


20% tax will be in effect for the first 2 hours after the contract is created! This is to encourage holding and growing the new release!


The first 10 seconds after liquidity is added, all buys will be rejected to try and keep out snipe bots.